Company Profile

Yuhuan Mingzhe Hydraulic Tools Co., Ltd


Yuhuan Mingzhe Hydraulic Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and is a professional company in the hydraulic field that integrates logistics, production, research and development, and technical services. At present, Mingzhe Tools has developed into an enterprise with a construction area of over 4000 square meters, more than 50 high-precision equipment, and more than 100 employees. It owns the "MNZE" brand and has won widespread recognition in the international and domestic markets with excellent product quality and comprehensive after-sales service.
The company mainly produces various types of hydraulic tools, including pipeline tools, lifting tools, bolt tools, electric construction tools, hydraulic pullers, hydraulic pumps, etc. The product range is extremely wide, penetrating into various application fields, such as power maintenance, manufacturing, construction, energy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, railway, mining, etc. Therefore, we can provide customers with a "one-stop procurement" comfortable experience.