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How to deal with oil leakage in four column hydraulic press


Oil leakage is a concern for the operator of a four column hydraulic press. Subsequently, there is a decrease in hydraulic press pressure, waste, and contamination of hydraulic oil. The oil leakage at different positions has different effects on the four column hydraulic press, so it should be noted not to ignore them.
1、 Hydraulic pipeline leakage
The quality of hydraulic pipelines is unqualified, the quality of hydraulic pipelines does not meet standards, the pressure bearing capacity is low, the service time is short, and oil leakage is prone to occur. For iron pipes, the uneven thickness of the pipe wall reduces the load-bearing capacity of the pipe; For hoses, the rubber quality is poor, the tension of the steel wire layer is insufficient, the weaving is uneven, and the load-bearing capacity is insufficient. Solution: Use high-quality pipelines produced by large companies. The installation or fixation of the pipeline does not meet the requirements. Many technical personnel do not consider whether the length, angle, and thread of the pipeline are suitable in the design, but rather force the installation configuration, which can cause pipeline deformation, generate installation stress, reduce service life, and cause leakage. Solution: Reduce the length, angle, and number of bends of the pipeline, and fix the pipeline. The O-ring at the pipeline connection is aged or worn. O-ring is used to seal pipeline connections. If used for a long time, the O-ring will age and cannot be sealed. Solution: Replace with a new O-ring.
2、 Hydraulic cylinder oil leakage
When assembling the hydraulic cylinder seals of a four column hydraulic press, they usually need to pass through threads, splines, keyways, and sharp edges. Slight negligence can easily lead to oil leakage from the sealing lip. Solution: Disassemble and reinstall the seal; When assembling a hydraulic cylinder, the end cover will be subjected to bias pressure and the piston rod will not be concentric with the cylinder, which makes it difficult for the piston rod to extend and accelerates the wear of the seal. Solution: It can be disassembled for inspection and reassembled; Aging or severe wear of hydraulic cylinder seals can cause oil leakage when pressurizing the hydraulic cylinder. Solution: Disassemble the hydraulic cylinder and replace it with a new seal. 
3、 Hydraulic valve block leakage:
There is a quality issue with the valve block and there are bubbles causing oil leakage. Solution: Check the leaking valve block to see if it has repair value, otherwise, replace it directly with a new one; If the valve body is installed incorrectly, causing oil leakage at the connection, it should be removed and reinstalled; The valve block seal is aged or damaged, leading to oil leakage. Solution: Remove the valve block, replace it with a new seal, and then reinstall it.
4、 Hydraulic pump leakage:
If the quality of the hydraulic pump seal is poor or aging causes oil leakage, it should be removed and replaced with a new seal; The outer pipe of the hydraulic pump is loose, the pipe joint is damaged, and the O-ring is aged or broken. Solution: After disassembly, replace the O-ring with a new one, and then reinstall it; The internal parts of the hydraulic pump are aged or severely worn, leading to oil leakage. Solution: Directly replace it with a new hydraulic pump.
The oil leakage of the four column hydraulic press is a leakage in the hydraulic system, which can be inspected and repaired from hydraulic pipelines, hydraulic valve blocks, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders and other parts to identify specific causes and solve them.