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Do you know the correct oil change process for a 400 ton stamping machine?


There are many hydraulic components on a 400 ton hydraulic press that require sufficient hydraulic oil. When hydraulic oil deteriorates due to prolonged use, some people mistakenly believe that only the oil in the hydraulic tank needs to be drained and filled with new hydraulic oil. But currently, there is still a large amount of old hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil pipes and hydraulic control valves, and the equipment for mixing new and old oil will accelerate the conversion rate of new oil. The correct oil change process for a 400 ton hydraulic press should mainly discharge the hydraulic oil tank, clean the tank, add new hydraulic oil, and then remove the circuit main pipe. It is recommended to operate the oil pump at low temperatures, arrange for each operation, and rely on the hydraulic oil to discharge the old oil one by one until new oil flows out of the pump main pipe and stops. Finally, the pump main pipe is connected to the oil tank to replenish new hydraulic oil to the specified position.
Of course, replacing the oil of a 400 ton hydraulic press in this way also has its drawbacks. Let's talk about leading the loader. In this way, when the oil change machine is mainly idling, the main oil pressure is 35KG. Just now, it was suggested that the machine should prepare three barrels of hydraulic oil from the main oil (that is, the newly changed oil) to the return pipe, which may not be sufficient. The other return pipes are not just one, and they need to be removed one by one, making it difficult to start one by one. As the saying goes, "sharpening a knife never misses the woodcutter." Friends, don't be afraid of trouble!
Imagine that although the oil change is a bit slow, it depends on the specific situation, but at most one day is enough. How much money can this device earn today? Assuming a component is damaged due to dirty oil from a 400 ton hydraulic press, in addition to maintenance time and cost, how much does it cost to support accessories? This is definitely not sensational!